Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Don't Do WORK!!

Idiots will kill you. I know. Its been proven. I am dying. It’s the kind of slow fulminating death that comes from people missing the mark time and again. Examples? I can give you none that will elaborate very precisely without giving away government stupidity on a criminal scale, but I will try. Please note that writing it out like this prevents my girlfriend from killing me from hearing it all the time.

The guy upstairs isn’t home. You might think, hey he hired me, so he must be great. Yeah sure, that’s what I thought. Today was a reminder that appearances can be deceiving. Now I know that all he does is talk.

My team leader made some statements to the press that got everyone upstairs a little jazzed. Something about picking one vendor over another, which is completely not his decision, yet he’s close to retirement so it doesn’t matter what the fuck he says. The paperwork won’t clear before he’s gone. After pissing everyone off, he looks at me, says ‘Have fun with this mess, I’m going on vacation for 2 weeks’ and rolls out.

For a brief shining moment, I rejoiced in having everyone’s attention. Then I realized they weren’t happy. Best part is that I wasn’t even in town the day it happened. Now when I give a briefing, everyone imparts their view of the team leader onto me.

So. So. So. So. So. (when I write I type the word “So” at the beginning of every sentence and then have to delete it later. I’m very annoying to speak with)

On an email list today, a message popped up that asked about the particular program in question. Since my team leader was away, I answered it as factually as possible.

Yes we have that. We’re having training next month. Here’s the guy who knows about the training.

Pretty Simple… My boss emailed me a hour later, telling me not to make announcements without him looking over them.

1.) It was already announced, since everything the government does is announce in the Public Record

2.) We had trainings prior to this. All were invited to attend.

3.) The guy who is in charge is the lead IT contractor. He was emailed all the 2 months ago.

4.) The team leader announced it in the media.

So I tried to set the record straight. I’ll be reprimanded tomorrow about going off and doing things without permission. So I guess I should just do nothing…

Perhaps I’ll go back to school, get a degree and get a better job. And do all of that while i'm at work, cause working at work just causes pain.

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