Tuesday, May 8, 2007

Excellence in Government

Apparently I am excellent.

I always had a sneaking suspicion, but the other day I received an invitation to an Excellence in Government reception an my suspicions were confirmed.

Thinking it was some type of mass email sent out, I called my friend and asked if she was gonna come.

"To what?"

She hadn't gotten the email. Must only be going to a select few. And she's a much more disciplined worker than I am. I've never been recognized for my excellence at a job. Needless to say, she has. I wonder if they'll serve scotch?

The whole experience is very stroking to the ego, especially since I was invited to some random luncheon of CFOs the other day. I don't know if they're looking for seat fillers, but they just sat and talked for 45 minutes about problems that I won't have for another 10 years. I'll definitely forget whatever it was they said, especially since I haven't worked in finance for years. But lunch was good and I got some compliments for dressing up.

I mentioned the story to my boss and he told me that after his many years in gov, he could go to a luncheon and reception everynight of the week and some weekends if he truly wanted too.
"But I want hot wings and Miller Lite."


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